Colchester has a buoyant local housing market…

New Homes for a Growing Population

Colchester’s build rate reflects the Council’s willingness to work with developers to bring well-integrated and accessible communities forward, characterised by a high quality of place.

The Council’s plan-led approach is important in the City’s visionary role in pursuing the consideration of new Garden Communities as a way of addressing future long term growth across North Essex.

Help to Buy equity loans

From 2013 to 2017 Help to Buy equity loans enabled 1237 households to buy property.

Additional dwellings

Growth is expected to continue with a further 9454 net additional dwellings projected between 2015/16 to 2028/29.


Turnover of properties

There is a buoyant local housing market with turnover of properties 4.65% higher than neighbouring authorities in 2018.

Affordable housing units

597 affordable housing units have been delivered between 2014-2018.

For those households that want more flexibility, there is a strong private rented sector which has more than doubled in the last 10 years.

Educational Excellence

Colchester has a working age population of 91.800 talented people…

A Great Place to Live

Find out what makes Colchester an amazing place to live. 

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