The Government is helping local small businesses to improve their broadband by offering vouchers up to £3000 to improve connectivity. Colchester Borough Council is working with the Government to raise awareness among the local business community of this fantastic one-off opportunity.

How it works: An SME approaches a provider of gigabit connectivity, which then claims the voucher of up to £3k in value on its behalf. Once that is issued, work to make the connection can begin and you can enjoy connectivity faster than 99% of the UK and 89% of the EU – that’s 50x faster than current!

If you’re in business in Colchester and interested in improving your broadband to 1Gb both ways then drop an email to   The Council will record your interest and help facilitate your contact with an appropriate Gigabit Broadband service provider.

It’s available to houses too at a value of up to £500 per premises, but it has to be part of a group project. That means that at least one SME must be included in the deployment; there is no minimum number of residential connections.

Available throughout the Borough from today!

Colchester – Ultra Ready

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